About Colony Oak Elementary School

The mission of Colony Oak Elementary is to build our youth for their future. We build on a positive school culture by fostering collegiality and involving all our stake-holders. We promote student excellence through effort, encouragement, and high expectations. We enhance student learning through the use of technology. We challenge our students with inquiry-based learning that is both rigorous and engaging. We establish strong foundational skills, as we integrate a broad exposure to the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

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Colony Oak School is presently in its 29th year of existence and has a current enrollment of 438 students.  The school houses two classrooms of each grade level.


Colony Oak offers Resource, Speech, and ELD for children with special needs. Fourth through eighth-graders are provided with a PE program, and seventh and eighth-grade students are given the opportunity to participate in a vocal music program.  Instrumental music instruction is available to students beginning at the fifth-grade level.  School facilities include a computer lab with media resources, internet and video access in every room, a fully supplied science lab, and a staffed school library.


Students at Colony Oak School are guided by specific rules and expectations that promote respect, cooperation, courtesy, and acceptance of others. Students learn self-discipline through a system of consistent rewards and consequences.


Colony Oak School, in partnership with our diverse community, is dedicated to all students achieving their academic and personal potential.  We will be flexible and sensitive to the needs and abilities of children.  We will recognize and nurture the talents in each child.  Our success will be measured by the degree that we help each child develop a positive self-image and a sense of well-being. The staff will continue to evaluate and implement current research and practice as it relates to our student population.  Excellence through Effort, Expectations, and Encouragement is our goal!


Getting Involved

Parents and community members are encouraged to participate through Parent Faculty Club, School Site Council, and various classroom and school activities.  Parents are important and necessary in order for the learning team to be complete!  You are the first and most important teacher your child will ever have! 


It is a tremendous responsibility, but as a team working together, we can be successful.  Parents are encouraged to become members of the Parent Faculty Club (PFC).  We encourage you to attend PFC meetings and become involved in other student activities and events that are offered at Colony Oak. 


Encourage your children to participate as well.  Activities enhance the educational experience for students.  Volunteer your time or any ideas you would like to share.  We need your input!  Watch for important dates, we use the REMIND app for school-wide reminders and also Instagram: colonyoakcougars .